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  • STATELY KITCHEN'S DURABLE OVEN LINER PLUS 3 NON-STICK COOKIE SHEET LINERS! -What a great value! Package comes with one incredibly durable Extra Large Teflon Oven Liner AND 3 Teflon Cookie Sheet Liners. Tired of constantly scraping pans? The bottom of your oven just never seems to stay clean? This package is a must have for every home! Protecting your pans AND oven, giving you more time to do what you want.

  • INCREDIBLY DURABLE! -Use these cookie sheet liners over and over again and watch them stay like new. Made from extremely durable Teflon, the oven liner, alike, will protect your appliance with ease. Our liners are able to withstand up to 500 degrees, AND come with a one year warranty. After multiple washes and uses, these liners will stand up to any task you see fit!

  • EASY TO CLEAN! -When are you not looking for ease of clean up? The cookie sheets liners AND the oven liners are so simple to clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with warm water and a little dish soap and you are done!

  • A SIZE FOR EVERY NEED -No matter what it is you are baking, we have a baking sheet liner that will work for you. With three different sizes, you simply pick the one that covers your current pan the best, and start loading it up with your favorites! You can also cut to size if desired.

  • A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR KITCHEN -These liners are a must have in every home! Whether you are the occasional chef, or an avid culinary artist, these Liners are here to make your life easier. Less time cleaning means more time creating. Keep your cooking pans like new, and your oven, spotless. You will wonder what you even did without them.

  • Introducing Stately Kitchen's Extra Large Teflon oven liners and Cookie Sheet Liners! These liners are covered by a one year warranty and are heat resistant to 500 degrees. If you use these, you will never have to clean the bottom of your oven or your cookie sheets again! One of the greatest features of this product is that our Teflon liners are easy to clean and require no elbow grease. With just a few swipes, the drops of food come right off. Imagine all the time and effort you would be saving if you had these in your oven and on your cookie sheets during every use!

    When a pizza bubbles over and drips gooey cheese, you won't worry! When your cookies are done, no scraping required! Your cookies will come out perfectly every time. No longer will you have to maneuver yourself around all of the inner workings of an oven to make sure and get everything that has cooked over and over again and is now stuck to the bottom. These multi -purpose liners are a quick fix for all of that!

    Remember your directions!

    For gas ovens, place the oven liner on the bottom wire rack, NOT the bottom of the oven. For an electric oven where the element is visible, place the liner directly under that element. For an electric oven with no visible element, place the liner on the bottom wire rack, NOT the bottom of the oven.

    The cookie sheet liners are simply placed on your baking pan of choice. Please know that Stately Kitchen backs our product 100% and guarantees a hassle free return if you are not happy or pleased with your purchase. We want you to have a fun and easy time in your kitchen! Enjoy this product as so many others before you have.


    Stately Kitchen Teflon Oven Liner - Teflon Cookie Sheet Liner - Baking Liner - B01FGC6XMU

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